Modular Moog Analog Sessions

Enjoy your quarantine time with this series of improvised explorations of music and sound using Moog Modular synthesizers and plus one Arturia Drumbrute.

From Ricardo Fassi:

“This set of recordings were conceived as a spontaneous improvisation inspired by the sound of Moog Modular systems in all their infinite possibilities.

The idea is to use these wonderful vintage instruments in an open way to make immediate and compelling music. Modern technology offers unlimited possibilities, but it is precisely the apparent limitations of these “electronic dinosaurs” that unfold endless tonal resources and effects to produce boundless and novel solutions. I want to thank the great drummer Davide Pettirossi for the fantastic groove in the songs Slow Cat and B. Groove.”


  1. Moog 12 Modular
  2. Moog 35 Custom Unit
  3. Roland System 700 Lab
  4. Modular Custom Unit with Cynthia Zeroscillator
  5. Moog 921 Oscillators
  6. Bode Frequency Shifter (by Mike Bucki)
  7. MOTM Filters
  8. R. A. Moog Minimoog N° 1110 from Trumansburg Factory
  9. Arturia Drumbrute drum machine
  10. Master Keyboard Korg Krome with Kenton Pro 2000 Midi to CV Converter.

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