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Monument Live Stream: Bird ov Paradise Beautiful Live set

Take an hour of your time to watch this fragrant and creative live set of deep and hypnotic techno recorded on July 26th 2020 in Rolfstorp, Sweden.

From Monument:

Birds ov Paradise is the project of David Sabel, a sound-artist and musician from Göteborg, Sweden. His main interest is in making sound-installations and creating instruments. He plays bass with Anna von Hausswolff, BADA and Albert af Ekenstam and also makes music for contemporary dance and theatre.

As Birds ov Paradise he´s part of the Hypnus records family, but has also released records on Aniara Records, Jens Records, Konstrukt and Manjumasi. He´s currently working on his first full-length album which is to be released later this year.

Postcards from Rolfstorp is a series of jams made in his home in the countryside located in the southwest of Sweden. Apart from filming the jams, he has gathered footage of the surrounding area to let visual expressions merge with the sounds, in an attempt to recreate what inspired him while creating the music. Think of it as a visual diary or a set of slides your dad shows the neigbours after the holidays.”

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