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New Montreal Label ReKonstruct Released Compilation to Raise Funds for Lebanon

The compilation called ReKonstruct; Lebanon was released by Montreal label ReKonstruct to raise funds for the Lebanon crisis and include tracks by JFUN, SLOVA, SOULnonymous and more.

We asked SLOVA, label co-founder and artist in the compilation about the innitiative, the label and her new track called “для Ливана”.

1. Tell us about the innitiative and how did you select the artists in the compilation?

My partner Jade, is Lebanese, and he has close relatives affected by the Beirut explosion. Just to think that if his parents didn’t move to Canada they would have been living next to the port, (thats near where their home was). we both felt helpless for the situation, across the ocean, safe, here in Canada and we felt guilty to have the privilege to be safe.

So, out of all our emotions, Jade thought to turn it into something good and channel this terrible energy to do what we do best: create. He invited me on the project as we asked a few artist friends in Montreal, then moved towards Ottawa, and then our friends who moved to Berlin. We aimed to get artists with a similar styles so the album would flow together. We also wanted the works to show emotion.

The most important though, was to be able to provide a way for people to help. I’m sure we are not the only ones feeling helpless as social crisis keep happening in our world. This was our way of breaking our helpless feeling and doing something about it. Though we are not on the front line, we aimed to provide a catalyst for people to help from the comforts of their homes anywhere in the world.

2. Are you working closely with a local organization in Montreal or directly with an organization from Lebanon?

No, we know from locals there (Beirut) and a few Lebanese friends here in Montreal that Impact Lebanon is a trusted organization. So we are donating to them and their website provide details on how they help the people.

3. What is ReKonstruct and what can we expect in the future from it?

ReKonstruct is a label aimed to reconstruct ideas. The initial idea was aiming to raise funds to invoke social change. We designed this label as a way for us to be able to do something about the people in Lebanon stranded and unhelped by their government. We are not sure where this label will go, yet the possibilities are open.

4. Your track “для Ливана” is full of minimal vibes with atmospheric tones and really interesting textures. Tell us a bit more about it’s creation.

I never really plan my songs out before hand in terms of what samples I will use so I go with the flow. I listen to what my ears like that day and I intuitively choose my sounds that way.

I like to flow fast, as fast as my mind, so the ideas stay fresh. The inspiration (excitement to feel like im doing something to help the situation rather than mopping around) for this track influenced the samples. I took deep samples of my voice making many SFX and pads. I also included textures from the instruments we own such as Nord Lead and Doepfer Dark Energy.

Slova aka cлова means words in Russian (I am Russian). It’s funny that this track ended up being mostly voice samples because I feel it deepens the meaning in my artist name. There are so many sounds I can make with just my voice which empowers me. My voice has power!

SLOVA is a Montréal based Russian-Canadian audiovisual performing artist, electronic musician, & DJ. She explores sounds of ambient, deep dub house & minimal techno.

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