New Release: S. Chioini – Amour Détritus

The EP, released on August 07, travels between sonic ambient layers, electronica deep rhythms and abstract breaks with well done percussive elements of techno and drum and bass.

Cover album for the new S. Chioini - Amour détritus EP

Amour Détritus brings 4 tracks of absolute pure electricity and vibrant percussions and the trip you immerse though the whole EP is worth the ride. The first track Wasteland (the wish) is an ode to ambient electronica and emphasize really beautiful lo-fi layers of strings, synths and beautiful pads. The percussive rhythm which is contagious, appears, delight, disappear and make you want more of it. This is one of those tracks that either make you calm down or put you in the zone to start moving. Perfect.

Metallic Sheen, the second track starts with some sort of very high filtered acid sound, the initiation for when the percussive break start. This is a great track to move your legs, head and whatever you feel like moving. There are some ambient pads that create this sense of calm hypnotism while the percussive breaks and snare bring balance to the equation. The track is just constant movement and some layers appear and disappear creating this sense of nostalgia for what it was sounding before and what you hope will keep playing for longer.

The third track is called Overworked and is one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a long time and it carry so much energy, dynamism and electricity. It evolves and evolves while the percussive elements get more and more interesting. The breaks are constantly changing, snares and kick drums come and go as they please but the rhythm keeps its course of action while some synth ambient pads remind us about that we are in a safe zone for footwork only. The sense of crescendo and luminosity that this track has is fabulous. I just want be dancing this surrounded by smoke, with a cigarette between my fingers looking at a red / blue light that will be constantly fucking with my sense.

Terrorized (loving eyes) is a lo-fi electronica track that is beautifully done and that inspire us go home and calm down. It’s elements are very high energy but also peaceful, offering tiny coats of synth arpeggios and beautiful pads that remind us that this are landscapes we should explore more. This track is exceptional and pleasing at the same time making this album an absolute knockout to my ears and senses.

I want more.

Format: Digital Album
Label: Self Released
Country: Canada
Release date: August 07, 2020
Genre: Electronica / Breaks / Ambient

Written & Produced by Simon Chioini
Mixing and Engineering by Simon Chioini & Francis Latreille
Mastering by Nik Kozub
Art & Design by Simon Chioini


  1. Wasteland (the wish) 04:45
  2. Metallic Sheen 05:11
  3. Overworked 07:17
  4. Terrorized (loving eyes) 06:43

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S. Chioini is a composer, producer and DJ living in Montréal, Québec. He’s the co-founder of the label Humidex, also run by Absurde and Softcoresoft. His compositions vary between eclectic breaks, sonic ambient compositions and abstract techno percussive elements.

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