On Next: 8 Hypnotic Techno Tracks From our Soundcloud Feed

We picked an Hypnotic Techno track on Soundcloud and this is what the algorithm picked for us. Music by Notzing, Enkō “Ozulu”, Einox, Scope, Blazek Milanowski, Anders Hellberg and more.

If you use Soundcloud to discover new music it may or not be very common that you will encounter some good gems. We decided to start a new feature where we pick a track and wait for the algorithm to surprise us. It seems that it actually knew what we were looking for, this time at least, it took us on a short but well curated journey of Deep and Hypnotic Techno.

This is the first track we picked:

Notzing – To Parasitize The Consciousness (Mod21 Remix)

And this is the result, enjoy:

Enkō “Ozulu” – Hayes

Einox – Pulse Canvas

Scøpe – Talbot

Blazej Malinowski – Second Half

Cliche Morph – Alone

Anders Hellberg – Episodes Of The Observed Mind

PRG/M – Plumbeo

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