Music Art Ppl new Label to Release a Poem by Sarah Crookall

The first release from the new Music Art Ppl label will be a poem called Dennis, Raven by Canadian Songwriter Sarah Crookall on September 23th.

Music Art Ppl have been part of the music community in Ottawa for years, organizing thrilling events that host painters, dancers and other art disciplines, blending them with Electronic music. This time, they went one step ahead and decided to release a poetry based project, making this new path such an inspiring lesson for all of us.

Album cover from the album Dennis, Raven by Sarah Crookall to be released by Music Art Ppl

This is the official statement by Music Art Ppl:

“We’re really proud to build an arts label for and by the local community! It’s been a lot of time, commitment and hardwork getting this project off the ground. The focus is on showcasing a diverse selection of music and poetry.”

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Sarah Crookall is a Canadian writer and poet based in Ottawa by way of Toronto. Her work has appeared in various zines and publications including: ByWords, SlowCity Magazine, and Wunderlit Magazine.

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Music Art Ppl is an Ottawa based organization dedicated to bringing quality music and art events to the Nations capital, curating unique musical and visual experiences.

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