New Release: Golbon Moltaji – Ekur EP

New Release: Golbon Moltaji - Ekur EP 2

Ekur is a 4 track EP full of dark, melancholic and moving rhythms that will transport you to far away spaces and intrinsic and well formulated music enigmas. The EP comes in Digital and also in Cassette format which is a staple from the Low Noise Productions label.

The first track, A Mocking, is an ode to gloomy atmospheric techno with saturated low ends, mystical layers and vibrant melodic arpeggios which is a great start on a journey that take you deep into a trance of never return. The track fights between being melodic and being shadowy which makes it a great start for the EP, keeping you in this idea of wanting something more to happen.. and it absolutely does.

The second track, Café Type, completely took me by surprise and absolutely elevated me with the high pitched melodies and symmetrical moving layers that, many would call loopy in a negative way but this really worked perfectly. As soon as the track evolves, some layers disappear and the ones that make a subtle appearance feed more and more enigmas to the equation. I want to dance and I want to be in the dark while I do it. I would say, the galloped kicks, the noisy filters and apparent LFOs moving from one side of my brain to the other are contributing more to this enigmatic story that Golbon Moltaj is trying to tell us.

The third track, Gham, is a dilution from both previous tracks with very very dark and high-spirited melodies from desolated gloomy corridors. The more I pay attention, the more I notice some bits of middle eastern sounds and melodies that are so present but also hidden in the enigma. This track reminded me of what it would be to walk in the shadows crossing a forest after being on fire. I don’t mean it in a negative way but the opposite. The way the track is trying to tell me that there is nothing wrong with having those feelings, really made me understand many things about the journey that I’m going through.

The forth and last track, Karané, took me away from that previous state of mind and transported me into an adventure of moving rhythmic atmospheres and mystical elements that in symmetry, elevated me and pushed me understand what she is trying to tell me. All those previous deep emotions I felt, made sense and this track is that representation of the end. The hearbeat type of bass drum / bass combination and the melodic appearances are perfectly crafted and each one of the percussive elements that appear and fade away work in constant balance.

I have to say, this track builds and builds up and the feeling that it will never end is present. The truth is, I didn’t want it to end but it did and it did it in a soft and shaded way. I danced in my mind and my mind danced with Golbon Moltaj.

This album shocked me by surprise and while grabbing my hand it took me on a enigmatic dark and melancholic journey where I danced and I walked. It is hard now in days to find music that make you feel something and Ekur actually did it for me. Check it out.

Format: Cassette + Digital Album
Label: Low Noise Productions
Catalogue: LNP77
Country: Canada
Release date: July 10, 2020
Genre: Techno / lo-fi / Experimental


  1. A Mocking 06:33
  2. Café Type 06:46
  3. Gham 06:09
  4. Karané 06:1

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Golbon Moltaji is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, and live performer from Tehran that lived in Ottawa, Canada for several years where she immersed herself in the underground local Electronic music scene. Her first EP called Ekur, released by Ottawa’s Low Noise Production label, is making an initial appearance as a producer.

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