Lost in Bass Episode 224 featuring Opera and Aphex Twin

Lost in Bass Episode 224 featuring Opera and Aphex Twin 2

Check this new episode of Lost in Bass which features brand new stuff from Ottawa finest’s Trevor Walker, Rise Ashen and more.

From T-23 at Lost in Bass:

“Starting off the show this week we have some secret weapons from our very own Trevor Walker, Rise Ashen with Fred Everything releasing on this Lazy Days Recordings out of Montreal but first let’s play this new release secret dance floor treatment from Roland Clark best known for his reverential monologs on the I Get Deep and This is House Music which features the infamous line ‘In the beginning there was Jack’:


Next up a sexy track from Fred Everything, Trevor Walker and Rise Ashen with Coco Cognac Brown on the vocals with this lost dance floor weapon played exclusively in Trevor Walkers sets over the years, ‘Smoke My Rhythm’ is finally seeing the light of day:


After that we are to the mix with Opera a duo formed in Ottawa Canada in 2017. They have put together this exclusive mix filled with new unreleased material just for us, sit back relax and enjoy this groundbreaking mix from Dave and Craig also known as Opera. They have opened for tonne of superstar DJs like Chus & Ceballos and were slated to play at both Coachella and Tomorrow Land (both now cancelled) and now they are hunkering down in the studio and churning out their future hits with new releases on their favourite labels all played out for you here on Lost In Bass.

Then we cap off the show with new IDM from Aphex Twin who’s been releasing matirial under his user18081971 moniker on Soundcloud, all put together in a mimimix for you:


Check the last week episode here:

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