Music Art Ppl presents: Loungeworth

Listen to this emotive, energetic and groovy house mix by Loungeworth and presented by the Music Art Ppl crew.

Loungeworth (Cameron Leah) is a self-taught DJ from Ottawa, and honed his skills playing house parties for friends in 2013. In the following years, he played alongside many well-known local acts at events like Lifted and Open Air Social Club, as well as numerous events for the Medicine and Arts faculties at the University of Ottawa. More recently, he’s teamed up with fellow Ottawa-based DJs Sacha Foster, SoDurand, and Osita to form New Low Radio: an arts collective curating events in unique spaces featuring forward-thinking club music.

Loungeworth’s repertoire showcases emotive and energetic dance tracks filled with organic sounds and lush drums guaranteed to get hips moving, whether you’re on a dance floor or reclining with friends.

Music Art Ppl presents: Loungeworth 2


  1. Surf Dude – Tlim Shug
  2. All About You – Honeydripper
  3. Too Fast – Sweatson Klank
  4. Jardin – Aleksandir
  5. Bird Whisperer – Tom VR
  6. Ficus Elastica – Jomero
  7. Bomalume – China Charmeleon
  8. Tropical – KLANGPLANET
  9. Sexy Black Timberlake (SG Lewis Remix) – Channel Tres
  10. Weather Report – Bad Tuner
  11. Hiding In The Bushes – Roland Tings
  12. In My Soul – TÂCHES
  13. With You I Won’t – Cassettes for Kids
  14. Time Bomb (feat. Piu Piu) – Boston Bun
  15. Stay Inside (feat. Liv.e) [Extended Remix] – JT Donaldson
  16. Something Special – Black Loops
  17. Assim Bebe (Beautiful Night) – Rhythm Staircase & Stones & Bones
  18. If Only I Could (Boston Bun Remix) – Fusion Groove Orchestra
  19. New Day Ft. Swindle & Skilliam – TQD
  20. Sincere (feat. Nova Caspar & Jay Dee) [Re-Cue’D] – MJ Cole
  21. Emotional Intelligence (feat. Nathan Haines & Dave Koor) [Instrumental] – Chaos In the CBD

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