Lost In Bass Radio Show Episode 236: Tales of Gratitude with Abe Van Dam and T-23

The radio show, hosted by T-23 just released a new episode featuring organic/downtempo House Music by Day by Day, some Techno by Abe Van Dam and melodic Techno by T-23.

Official Press Release from Lost In Bass radio show Episode 236:

“Starting out the show we have something special from DAY BY DAY released on HOSHS Fryhide imprint this release is tracking at number 22 on the organic/downtempo House Music charts on Beatport, grab your copy here:


Then we are in the mix with ABE VAN DAM who is showcasing his next artist album up for release on RED CHANNEL RECORDS out of Montreal. This is a peak time techno set with great groove and atmospherics, now available for perorder over here:


The we are in for some melodic techno from myself to cap off the show.

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