Rave Alert: Octov Rave in Series Every Pandemic Week

The OCTOV Rave in are series of events happening online each week where you’ll be able to listen to techno, interact with other people and even play.

For around 6 weeks, the Rave In series have been happening with fluid Montreal line ups that have included Kris tin, Syla, Dogme, Ottoman.Grüw, Omar Handi, and many more. The online rave also have included a series of VJs such as Quint, LLL, Dewolf Stein, Kitana and more.

The events have been getting traction and growing every week. You should join them and support initiatives like this so they keep happening.

Next Octov Rave in: September 24 2020

Some Rave in sets:

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OCTOV is a group of friends who are passionate about electronic music and culture from Montreal. They have been creating safe spaces for ravers and booked artists such as Softcoresoft, Randomer, Cleric, Perc, Kaast, Anetha, SNTS and many more.

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