RAVE Alert: In the Woods Near Ottawa and Gatineau

The rave called “Sunday Sunsets” will be happening near Kazabazua, Quebec from SEPT 06 at 12 PM until SEPT 07 at 10 AM 2020 featuring top local house and techno DJs at a secret location to be revealed.

Pandemica Muzik Kollective, a local crew that promotes inclusive and safe spaces for Electronic music in the Ottawa / Gatineau area, will be hosting the event that will also have rough camping areas and parking, with BBQs allowed, a small store is a short drive for supplies and beverages. The crew have been hosting multiple outdoor events during the summer which means that you should give them a follow and support them with donations and any help they need.

Also, PLUR, masks, and Covid regulations to be respected. Homo/transphobia, racism and harrassment will not be tolerated, please be respectful of others and the space we are using.

Please invite your friends who are aligned with the shared values & respect of our loving community of ravers. Most importantly have fun and DANCE. Go to their Facebook page below, subscribe to their channels and wait for the location and line up to be revealed. Respect the space and others.

Rave official lineup:

Rave official info:

SEPT 06 at 12 PM until SEPT 07 at 10 AM
Location TBA
Homo/transphobia, racism and harrassment will not be tolerated.

Check the Facebook event here

Pandemica Muzik Kollective is a group of dedicated ravers in the Ottawa/Gatineau area who enjoy a gathering under bridges and in the woods from time to time.

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